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Support vector machine enhanced empirical reference evapotranspiration estimation with limited meteorological parameters

Chia Min Yan; Yuk Feng Huang; Chai Hoon Koo

Computers and Electronics in Agriculture

Huang Yuk FengKoo Chai Hoon



Novel Carbon Quantum Dots/Silver Blended Polysulfone Membrane with Improved Properties and Enhanced Performance in Dye Removal

Jin Yee Gan, Woon Chan Chong, Lan Ching Sim, Chai Hoon Koo, Yean Ling Pang, Ebrahim Mahmoudi, Abdul Wahab Muhammad


Koo Chai Hoon



ANFIS-based model for predicting actual shear rate associated with wall slip phenomenon     

Ren Jie Chin; Sai Hin Lai; Shaliza Ibrahim; Wan Zurina Wan Jaafar; Ahmed Elshafie     

Soft Computing

Chin Ren Jie     



Non-linear dynamic assessment of low-rise RC building model under sequential ground motions

Syed Muhammad Bilal Haider
,Zafarullah Nizamani & Chun Chieh Yip

Structural Engineering 
and Mechanics

Zafarullah Nizamani & 
Yip Chun Chieh

Techno Press


Effects of EDTA on adsorption of Cd (II) and Pb (II) by soil minerals in low-permeability layers: batch experiments and microscopic characterization

Xueji You, Shuguang Liu, Chaomeng Dai, Guihui Zhong, Yanping Duan, Yiping Guo, Aleksei Nikolavich Makhinov, José Tavares Araruna Júnior, Yaojen Tu, Kah Hon Leong

Environmental Science and Pollution Research

Leong Kah Hon



Mechanism insight of dual synergistic effects of plasmonic Pd-SrTiO 3 for enhanced solar energy photocatalysis

Ping Feng Lim, Kah Hon Leong, Lan Ching Sim, Wen-Da Oh, Yik Heng Chin, Pichiah Saravanan, Chaomeng Dai

Applied Physics A     

Leong Kah Hon & Sim Lan Ching



Swarm-based Optimization ass Stochastic Training Strategy for Extimation of reference Evaporation Using Extreme Learning Machine  

Min Yan Chia, Yu Feng Huang, Chai Hoon Koo

Agricultural Water Management   

Huang Yuk FengKoo Chai Hoon


Hydrological Impact Assessment on Pemearble Road Pavemment with Subsurface Precast Micro-Detention Pond

Norazlina Bateni, Sai Hin Lai, Frederik Josep Putuhena, Darrien Yau Seng Mah, Md Abdul Mannan, Ren Jie Chin

Water and Environmental Journal

Chin Ren Jie



Assessment of Climate Hazards Using PRECIS Regional Climate Model (RCM): A Case Study in Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia.

Paveethira SuppiahKok Weng TanKah Seng Chin Yuk Feng Huang   

Journal of Environmental Science and Management

Huang Yuk FengChin Kah SengTan Kok Weng

University of the Philippines Los Banos   


Environmental Health Risk Assessment of Fe, Zn, As, Cd and Pb Concentration in Selected Asian Rice Grain (Oryza sativa)

Kok Weng Tan, Eu Han Khaw   

Environmental Management and Sustainable Development   

Tan Kok Weng

Macrothink Institute   


Rework Causation that Undermines Safety Performance during Production in Construction  

Jeffrey Boon Hui Yap, Jia Rou Chong, Martin Skitmore, Wah Peng Lee  

Journal of Construction Engineering and Management   

Lee Wah Peng   

American Society of Civil Engineers   


Capacity Building Needs of Small and Medium Contracting Enterprise in Klang Valley Malaysia   

Wah-Peng Lee, Tien-Choon Toh, Yoke-Lian Lew, Sin-Huai Khor, Kai-Chen Goh, Hun-Chuen Gui, Nadzirah Zainordin, Chia Kuang Lee 

International Journal of Industrial Management (IJIM)   

Lee Wah PengToh Tien ChoonLew Yoke Lian   

Penerbit UMP Press   


Compressive Strength Forecasting of Air-Entrained Rubberized Concrete during the Hardening Process Utilizing Elastic Wave Method      

Lim Zhi Heng, Foo Wei Lee, Kim Hung Mo, Jee Hock Lim, Ming Kun Yew, Kok Zee Kwong     


Foo Wei LeeJee Hock LimMing Kun YewKok Ze Kwong     



Safety Performance of Subcontractors in Malaysian Construction Industry.

Yoke-Lian Lew, Wei-Han Lim, Ooi-Kuan Tan, Tien-Choon Toh, Yan-Yan-Yong Felicia and Li-Ping Yow.   

Malaysian Construction Research Journal (MCRJ)   

Toh Tien ChoonLew Yoke Lian, c 

Construction Research Institute of Malaysia (CREAM)  


Change Management in Malaysia Infrastructure Project: Role of Subcontracts 

Yoke-Lian Lew, Zan-Xian Ho, Tien-Choon Toh, Ooi-Kuan Tan, Yong-Yan-Yan Felicia, Li-Ping Yow,   

International Journal of Industrial Management (IJIM)  

Toh Tien Choon, Lew Yoke LianTan Ooi Kuan   

Penerbit UMP Press   


An atomistic simulation towards molecular design of silica polymorphs nanoparticles in polysulfone based mixed matrix membranes for CO2/CH4 gas separation

Serene Sow Mun Lock, Kok Keong Lau, Norwahyu Jusoh, Azmi Mohd Shariff, Chin Heng Gan and Chung Loong Yiin   

Polymer Engineering and Science

Gan Chin Heng  



Visible light responsive BiPO4/g-C3N4 for enhanced photocatalysis of 2-4 dichlorophenol under solar irradiation

Jit Jang Ng, Kah Hon Leong, Lan Ching Sim, Yik Heng Chin and Saravanan Pichiah

IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering

Leong Kah Hon & Sim Lan Ching 

IOP Publishing