• To become a leading multi-disciplinary resource centre for developing human, intellectual, and social capitals of DRR in the nation and ASEAN region.
  • To deliver knowledge and services for enhancing safe, resilient and sustainable society to the communities, government agencies, private sectors based on the researches and implementations of DRR.


  • To be a leading UTAR’s outreach center based on multi-disciplinary DRR research activities, both at faculty staffs, undergraduate and postgraduate student levels.
  • To form strategic links and collaboration with local communities and governments, universities and private sectors for human resource development and for consultancy work in the areas of DRR.
  • To inculcate a culture of societal contribution and creativity on the DRR.
  • To provide Domestic & International hub function to develop human capacities of the faculty, the university community and the related society well into the future UDRR.

It is the objective for the Research Center to be the research facilitators and implementation catalyst in the following main core competencies and areas of focus:

Outputs and Outcomes Dissemination

  • Build up DRR facilities to serve both public and private sectors for DRR researches and implementations
  • Training undergraduate and postgraduate student theses in designated focus areas.
  • Publication of findings/results in international journals and conferences.
  • Organizing international conference/seminars/workshop in focus areas.
  • Participation in exhibitions.
  • Other outreach activities to the society in applying novel DRR concepts and strategies.